Donor Honor Roll

Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Brian Aitken ’71-’72
Susan Crudgington

In Memory of Charles L. Babcock
Karolyn Morigi Armstrong
Mary T. Babcock (2)
Tracy Barrett
Andrew P. Bridges
David E. Hahm
Debbie Hadas
Cathy Buchanan and Peter Hartley
Michael Maas and Paula Sanders
Daryl and David Steel
Beth Taylor Yarnall

In Memory of Billy Bonds
Nena Donovan Levine

In Memory of Robert F. Boughner
David Bird
James and Eleanor Lesher

In Memory of William Brashear
Kay Davis Talwar

In Memory of Michael C. Browning
Nena Donovan Levine

In Memory of Beverly Bucher
Cathy Buchanan and Peter Hartley
Jeanne Matthews
Zary Mostashari
Lois Stover
Gwen Vredevoogd
Marianne Ward-Peradoza

In Memory of John Ciani
Mary Marks

In Memory of Dorothy Clift, Spring 1970
Linda Castiglia Danford

In Memory of Alex Coates

In Memory of Jean D’Amato
Sarah Carroll
Donald Sprague

In Memory of Dik
Tony Krol

In Memory of Edythe Thurber Donovan
Nena Donovan Levine

In Memory of Professor Reginald Foster
Charles and Virginia Vance

In Memory of Benedetta and Giancarlo Galassi-Beria
Anonymous F ‘76
Karolyn Morigi Armstrong
Tracy Barrett
Tolly Boatwright
Susan C. Collings
Linda Castiglia Danford
Rabbi Ruth Gais, Ph.D. (2)
Ted and Toby Kaufman
Elizabeth Keitel
Meredith Judy Liben
K.M. Lucchese
Susan M. Luebbert
Deborah Lyons
Kathleen McNamee
David Miller
Livy and John Moore
Ann O. Koloski-Ostrow and Steven E. Ostrow
J. David Parker
Hugh Regan
Linda Gitelson Solon
Andrew Szegedy-Maszak

In Memory of Lillian & Anthony D. Gigante
Linda Maria Gigante

In Memory of John Arthur Hanson
Peter Burian and Maura High
Donald Sprague

In Memory of John T. Hogan
Elizabeth R. Hogan

In Memory of Barbara B. Katz
Charles D. Katz

In Memory of Gerhard Koeppel
Michael Maas and Paula Sanders

In Memory of Anthony J. Krol
Mary Helen Altimairo
Harvey and Joan Azarva
Cynthia and George Barth
Toby Berkman
The Berkley Group
James and Joan Beste
Lauren Beste and Family
Mark Bomberger
Robert Bordone
Dawn Michini Bowen (4)
Kathryn and David Bowles (2)
Robert Brantl
John and Tracy Brignola
Cathy Buchanan & Peter Hartley (5)
Stephen A. Caffrey
Carolyn and Eugene Capaldi
Dominic and Joy Capponi
Jonathan Carp (4)
Chad Carr
Sharon Coghlan
Riva and Amnon Cohen and Family
Tura Campenella Cook and Gene Cook
The Crespi Family
Florrie Darwin
Howard Davis
Samuel and Anne DeFeo
Graceann and George Dempster
John DePledge (8)
Robert and Nancy Devos
Bruce Dorsey and Jennie Nerenberg
Drinker, Biddle, and Reath, LLP
Tod and Andrea Drucker
Vicky and Reid Drucker
James and Barbara Dunigan
Janice and Jerry Dunn
Hyla and Jesse Epstein
Rena Epstein
Eleanor Erskine
Eric Evans
Susan Feagin
Carl and Jean Fridy
Robert and Susan Galford
Steven Gamburg, Lisa Suslak, Jessica Gamburg, and Alex Gamburg (5)
Beth Goldstein
Philip and Pennye Goodman
Robert Greenberg and Susan Glaskin
Caren, David, Stacey, and Adam Gutman
Katherine Haan
Mark Harris
Sussie and Al Harris
Jay and Randi Heller
David Hirsch
Yvette LeFevre Hope
Jeffrey and Nancy Hunchar
Dawn Hurt
Yiping and Jack Hwang
Jeffrey M. Joslin
Melanie and Win Joy
Leah Kang
Ellen and Steven Kaplan
Judy and Bob Kaplan
Kristin Kelly (2)
Key Capital Management, LLC
Tom and Connie Kirker
Nicholas Klagge
Rob and Theresa Knee
Kimberlee S. Knopf, Esq.
Carl and Candice Koerner
Brian and Michelle Kohute
Joan Korth-Bradley
Sandra Krieg
Anthony and Ann Krol
George Krol (3)
Michael and Lori Krol (4)
Stanley and Rita Krol
Steven and Loretta Krol and Family
Liz and Pete Lambert
Lisa and Kevin Ledwith (4)
Bruce R. Lesser (6)
Emily Squires Levine and Ronald H. Levine
Liberty Bank
Amy Lindsay (2)
Michael Maas and Paula Sanders (2)
Jessica MacDonald
Louise and Donald Maier (9)
Greg and Laurie Marx (2)
Jeremy McClane
Tim and Janine McInerney
Raina and Jigar Mehta
Diana and Doug Miller (2)
Alice Milrod (9)
Belinda Milrod and Sally Wexler
Diane Milrod (2)
Jane Milrod and Bill Jemas
Louise C. Milrod, Lyn Mox, and the Marty Milrod Family (3)
Marion, David, and Julie Milrod
Susan J. Milrod (9)
Handsel and Karen Minyard (7)
Teresa Napoli
New Wellington Financial Group
William and Susan North
Mae O’Brien
Marilyn O’Connell
Brian Ortelere and Gretchen Santamour
Carol Packer and Mike Snyder
Cindi and Vincent Pasceri
Donald S. Peruta
Plymouth Square Associates
Debbie Pollack
Ian and Tamara Rubin and Family
Sylvia Rubin
Jeff and Martha Saperstein (4)
Robert and Karen Schwartz
Carol Cameron-Sears and Craig Sears
Ruth and Steven Segal
Tommy Shiekman and Kumiko Shima
Glenn Sickenberger
Henry Siegel (5)
Howard Siegel and Robin Dow
Dorothy Silbersdorff
Rosanne and Sam Spear (9)
Zachary Stalberg
Julie Stanton and Cesar Briseno
David Starr
Renee Starr and Marc Shapiro
Starr Associates, LLP
Steven and Keshet Starr
Dan Stella
Grant Strother
The Sunshine Club of Upper Moreland School District
for Dr. Robert Milrod
Joan and Stan Tabb
Gillian Todd
Mark and Lizanne Torie
Dawn Vahey
Maulin and Hetal Vidwans
Lawrence Walker
Dean and Debbie Walters
Tony and Joan Watson
David and Kristine Weber
Patricia and Frederick Welch
Ellen and Norm Werther
Katy Yang
James and Patricia Yearwood (6)
Bob and Jan Zauzmer
James Zicolello
Stephen and Jean Zivitz
Fran and Ed Zujkowski

In Memory of John D. MacIsaac
Liane Houghtalin

In Memory of Miranda Marvin
Julia Haig Gaisser

In Memory of Paul Morigi, brother of Karolyn Morigi Armstrong (’74-’75)
Elizabeth Taylor Yarnall

In Memory of John Oates
Kathleen McNamee (3)

In Memory of Professor Brooks Otis
Michelle Maria Kauffman

In Memory of Robert Bauer Palmer
Deirdre Taylor Johnson (4)

In Memory of Professor Ed Phinney, UMass Amherst

Paul O’Connell

In Memory of Kathleen Barrett Relihan
Carol Relihan

In Memory of Professor L. Richardson, Jr.
Thomas McCreight

In Memory of Charles Segal
Susan Brumfield

In Memory of Quintus Sibley
Sally Armstrong
Kate Barber
Tolly Boatwright (3)
John Bodel (3)
Cathy Buchanan and Peter Hartley (3)
Lawrence Budner
Harry Evans and Fran White (2)
Peter Ferry (2)
Padma Kaimal (2)
Douglas Lacey and Cindy Silvani-Lacey
Donald McGuire
David J. Perry
Jonathan Price
C. Brian Rose

In Memory of Mary Ellen Carr Soles
Linda Castiglia Danford

In Memory of John Stambaugh
Peter Burian and Maura High
Julia Gaisser
Gregory Roux
Bonnie Senko
Donald Sprague

In Memory of Arthur L. Stevenson
Henry Stevenson

In Memory of James Vitale
Matthew James Mandich

In Memory of Barbara Cushman Waxler
Caroline Harkness Waxler and Michael Levitt

In Memory of John Rowe Workman
Ronald C. Markoff